Trap/Neuter/Return (TNR) Volunteer Opportunities

Only half of Haywood County's free-roaming cats are sterilized and vaccinated. Who will help the others?
Promote Haywood Spay/Neuter's mission and raise awareness of the county's need for TNR. Distribute flyers and post information around the county for potential clients to see; greet the public from our booth during festivals; etc. Flexible hours support your busy schedule.

Colony Advocate
Help us ensure that the basic needs of a colony are met, including food and shelter. These colonies are typically fed by low-income, elderly caretakers who often sacrifice their own needs to watch over the cats. Suited for those who love cats and the people who feed them.

Colony Monitor
Visit existing colonies to update TNR records regarding number of eartipped and new cats; caretaker contact information; significant developments; and whether basic needs are still met. Identify number and description of any new cats ready for TNR. Great for anyone comfortable with a clipboard and camera.

Door-to-Door Canvasser
Put feet on the street to help us discover where cats are being fed and to explain the benefits of TNR. We work with all caretakers regardless of colony size. Typical canvassing is done near a known colony during daytime and weekend hours when most people are home. Suited for friendly people with a bit of the detective in them.

Take trapped cats to Humane Alliance Clinic in Asheville for check-in the morning after capture and pick them up from the clinic the next morning for release back to their colonies. This requires a vehicle that can accommodate multiple traps. Expand your cat lovers' network and knowledge of colony locations in Haywood County as you coordinate pickup & release plans with trappers and colony caretakers. Be sure your tetanus vaccination is current.

Set and monitor humane traps to capture free-roaming cats for spay/neuter surgery and vaccination. Trapping is scheduled weekly around each colony's feeding time on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. Colonies near you and around the county are available. Lifting traps with cats in them builds your upper body strength and provides great cardio. Be sure your tetanus vaccination is current.

Call TNR Coordinator Donna Murray at 828-400-5981 to volunteer or to learn more about how you can help Haywood County's homeless cats.